Wednesday, 11 February 2015

new york dreamin' | a throwback

To satisfy my escapist thoughts, I thought  I'd post about my holiday to the East Coast of the USA last summer. My family and I flew into New York and stayed there for about five days; we then drove to Cape Cod and spent the rest of our holiday by the sea, before flying back via Boston. Overall, it was honestly one of the best holidays ever, but there is something special about New York City that continuously makes me want to look back at the pictures I took whilst being there.

I've attached some of my favourite photographs that I took whilst being a tourist in New York - hope you enjoy them! 

The iconic street signs. The way the city works in terms of streets and avenues and whatnot is pretty confusing - but once you get the hang of it it's fine! 

Here's me stood in the entrance of the Empire State Building. Not gonna lie, I was pretty stoked that I was standing in the place where Elf had been filmed. I'm so sad.

The entrance to Grand Central Station and the Empire State Building just chilling in the back there.

The entrance to Grand Central again - I thought the eagle looked cool. This old, authentic building really stands out against it's neighboring skyscrapers. 

Inside Grand Central was equally as pretty as outside! I love this photo. 

Also inside Grand Central - the prettiest train station I've ever been in!

Instead of going up the Empire State Building, we decided to go to the 'Top of the Rock' (the Rockerfeller building). Here you can see Central Park surrounded by skyscrapers! 

Looking through this to get a closer view was pretty cool. 

Here it is - the Empire State Building! You can also see the Statue of Liberty in the distance (on the right) if you look really closely. Such an insane view. 

Here I am, just chillin next to the Empire State. 

The Twin Tower memorials blew me away. They were so beautiful. The names of all of the victims were engraved into stone squares which surrounded the area where the towers stood. I really loved the look of people's hands touching the names of the victims. 

Dotted around the memorial were flowers  which had been placed into engraved names - this is one of my favourite photos that I took across the whole trip. 

We then took a boat trip out to see the Statue of Liberty - here she is in all her glory! 

The Brooklyn Bridge. 

Me with the Brooklyn bridge! 

This was taken in Strawberry Fields, Central Park - the John Lennon Memorial. 

It wouldn't be New York without an iconic hot dog stand! I'm hungry just looking at this photo. 

And finally - I went to the MoMA (museum of modern art) with my dad. I love Ed Ruscha (pictured above), so seeing some of his paintings in the flesh was really cool! 

New York is an incredible place. I've only included a fraction of the pictures I took whilst I was there - maybe I'll post more another time! 

Obviously I went to New York in the summer, but I bet New York in the winter is a completely different experience. I'd like to go ice skating next time! 

Have you ever been to New York? What was your favourite thing to see? If not, would you like to go? 

love anna x