Tuesday, 24 February 2015

one hundred smile-worthy things

One hundred. A number that's pretty meaningless without context. It could be applied to anything, though. One hundred people. One hundred pounds. One hundred cats. One hundred smiles. Recently, this blog reached one hundred followers - I'm still trying to digest this. It may not seem like many to some, but to me, it's a lot! Considering how, only two posts ago, I talked about reaching 50 followers, I find this pretty exciting.

To keep the whole one hundred theme going, I've written a list of one hundred things that are worth smiling about. I could write more. There are so many things to cherish, to love, to feel inspired by, to be happy about. Here is a selection of a (fair) few thing that I thought of. Enjoy. 

1. Car journeys with music blaring, singing at the top of your voice to a song you know every lyric to. 

2. Giving a carefully chosen gift to someone special and seeing their eyes light up.

3. Waking up, checking the time, and realising you have a few more hours to sleep.

4. Opening cards on your birthday. 

5. Surprises.

6. Walking for miles and talking for hours.

7. Unexpected messages.

8. Finishing something that you've been working on for a while and feeling really proud of it.

9. Long hugs.

10. Having no homework to do.

11. Piecing together the perfect outfit.

12. Making someone laugh.

13. Friends. True, loyal, genuine, no strings attached.

14. When you feel so comfortable with someone that you can both sit in silence and not feel awkward.

15. Impromptu meetups. 

16. Laughing so much that no noise actually escapes you.

17. Planning something you're REALLY excited about.

18. Airplane window views.

19. Hearing a song that you've never heard before and instantly falling in love with it.

20. When your favourite youtuber uploads a new video.

21. Ugly selfies.

22. Poetry.

23. Inside jokes.

24. When you find the perfect pair of jeans.

25. Live music.

26. Listening to someone play the guitar.

27. Family outings.

28. When you're sick, and someone makes you a care package.

29. Christmas morning.

30. Watching your favourite film, and still loving it, even though you've seen it countless times before.

31. People with ambition. 

32. Your favourite music album - *insert title here*. Mine is Lorde's "Pure Heroine". 

33. Getting home after a long day, and putting your pyjamas on straight away.

34. Spontaneous dance parties (with like one other person) that last way too long.

35. Remembering and reliving hilarious moments.

36. Cooking and baking alone or with friends.

37. Printing out your favourite pictures and sticking them all over your walls. 

38. When trees begin to blossom.

39. When your dog is really happy to see you. 

40. People watching.

41. Seeing a new place for the first time.

42. Long, hot showers. 

43. When your hair smells like your favourite shampoo.

44. The euphoric moment when exams finish.

45. Opening your window when the morning air is crisp. 

46. Natural light.

47. Sunsets. Sunrises. The sun in general.

48. Painting. 

49. Road trippin'.

50. Spending time to look after yourself.

51. Feeling confident about something. 

52. Fresh lemonade.

53. Taking the perfect photo.

54. Selfies. Because selfies show that someone felt confident about their appearance. And that is something to be celebrated.

55. Making up a handshake with someone.

56. Skyskrapers.

57. Old, rustic caf├ęs that sell homemade cakes.

58. Banoffee pie.

59. Deciding to go and explore somewhere. Anywhere.  

60. Candles that smell amazing.

61. Reading through old letters that you recieved from someone you no longer speak to that often. 

62. Phone calls with people you feel comfortable with.

63. Taking time out to reenergize.

64. Smells that make you feel nostalgic.

65. The seaside: pebbles, crashing waves and 99 ice creams with flakes. 

66. Spontanaiety.

67. Spending hours scrolling through things like Pinterest and tumblr. 

68. Unexpected friendship. 

69. Charity shops.

70. Good grammar. 

71. Finally understanding something that you couldn't grasp for a while.

72. Change. 

73. People who know who they are and aren't afraid to say how they feel.

74. Happy tears. 

75. Clean sheets.

76. Days with no make up. When you can rub your eyes and not worry about looking like a panda.

77. The true appreciation shown by people who have next to nothing for the littlest things.

78. The feeling after you've just brushed your teeth.

79. Instant and film photography.

80. Posting to Instagram.

81. Late-night swimming in the summer.

82. Finding your new favourite scent. 

83. Fluffy towels. 

84. Realising that you are loved.

85. Reading though inspirational quotes that look pretty. Typography. 

86. Learning.

87. Bird-chirping weather.

88. Feeling organised. 

89. Shopping in the sales, and finding bargains.

90. Accepting people for who they are.

91. Rising up to a challenge; facing your fears.

92. Stargazing. Looking for constellations. 

93. Compliment giving; compliment recieving.

94. Acting like a complete fool and not having to worry about it. 

95. Getting into a really good book.

96. Smoothies.

97. Doing something creative every day.

98. Accepting criticism, defeat, loss and rejection. Picking yourself up. Seeing it as  an experience you can learn from. 

99. Living in the moment.

100. Writing out 100 things that are worth smiling about. 

You should try it - it's make me feel really, really good. I thought it'd be harder than it actually was - I was wrong! 

Thanks again if you've taken the time to read this! 

lots of loveeeeee

anna x