Sunday, 15 February 2015

pinterest obsessed

Pinterest is my current obsession. To those of you who don't know what Pinterest is, ummm, do you live under a rock? Probably. All jokes aside, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard upon which you can collate your interests. Once you've signed up for an account, you can create a collection of "boards" of similar themes and "pin" images that you like to them. You can follow people of similar interests to you - plus, after you have "pinned" a few things, images which Pinterest thinks you'll like automatically start to appear on your feed, which is really cool. I love the concept, so lately I've been hooked and I can't stop pinning! 

I've included a five examples of my own boards with images of some of my favourite things I've pinned. These boards are definitely my favourites. Without further ado, enjoy these gorgeous and inspirational pictures! 

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Board 1 // "words words words"

This is definitely the board I've pinned on the most. I'm just in love with quotes and typography and just words in general. 

Board 2 // "hair goals"

This is my second most-posted board: hair inspiration! I'm always lusting over different styles and colours. At the moment, wavy hair is the way to go, I think. I also reallllyy want to dye my hair a lighter blonde, but I think I'll wait until summer!

Board 3 // "queen bee lorde"

I love Lorde. I find her inspirational in more ways than solely how she looks, but that being said, her style is ALWAYS so classy and cool and gorgeous. Her hair. Omg. Plus, her friendship with Taylor Swift makes me really happy and in my head I consider myself a member of their squad. 

Board 4 // "home goals"

For when I have my own place - I'd love for it to look something along the lines of these photos! Soooo gorgeous.

Board 5 // "nz travels"

And finally, this is a shared board with my friend Laura. It includes photos of New Zealand - if you've read this posts you'll know that I really really want to go to New Zealand again as its such a gorgeous place.  One day, a roadtrip will happen!

Source of all images: Pinterest

Let me know if this sparked any ideas or inspiration / fuelled in you a love for Pinterest too! Has anyone else been obsessing over Pinterest lately?

Also - I have 50 followers now! I feel like this is a significant milestone. Yaaaayyyy! Thanks to everyone who has followed me / read my posts / taken the time to comment. I appreciate it so much.

love, anna x