Monday, 1 June 2015

graduation with lordlaura

And breathe. I'm back, I've finished my exams, I've graduated from school, and I'm finally done with the IB! HELL YAS. Honestly, the last two years have flown by, and they really were a roller coaster of all the emotions. It feels so surreal to think that a whole chapter of my life has ended. Before I embark upon the next chapter of my life (university meep), I have the longest summer ever to enjoy with my friends, and I'm beyond excited.

To get back into the swing of blogging, my bff and fellow bloggin' buddy Laura (lordlaura) and I thought it'd be cool to post about our graduation experiences. So, when you're finished here, go and check out her post too! (click here to find it)

love you lots bean x

The evening of our graduation went so quickly. I guess that is expected of an event that has been in anticipation for so long, right? Despite it feeling like it ended before it began, it was a really, really lovely evening. As well as my year group (all twenty seven of us), our families and most of our teachers were there to celebrate. It all began outside with drinks and pictures and mingling - I didn't really do all that much of the latter mind you - with the prettiest backdrop. We were then ushered to the front of the chateau for professional photographs to be taken of us all, firstly as a class, then with teachers included. It must have been a sight to behold. Our class was insanely difficult to quieten, so the photographer spent a long while holding his camera in the air and attempting to organise us. We did manage to get some really cute pictures taken in the end though! The remainder of the evening was a combination of eating, talking, laughing, and listening to speeches. Laura and my lovely friend Nicole made honestly the best speech ever, which was definitely the highlight for me. 

(I stole the above two pictures from Laura, lol, they were taken by her brother, so cheers lad!)

with the famalam! (I was actually eating at this point lol)

I never actually got a full length shot of myself alone, which would've been helpful for blogging purposes, but ah well. Hopefully the picture above will do! I wore a full length burgundy coloured halter neck dress, which sorta cinched in at the waist and was split on each side. Great description skills, I know! I saw it in River Island and really liked the colour, as well as how it was understated and simple but still quite elegant. I also loved the high neckline and open back (which you can't see sorry lol). As I'm not the tallest of people, I was afraid of ordering a dress and it being way too long. This one was a good length for me though when I tried it on (praise the lord), and it wasn't all that expensive either - I think it was something like £50. 

| Head piece - Bershka | Dress - River Island | Lips: Mac Honeylove |

In terms of accessories, I opted for all gold. I bought myself a Marc Jacobs gold Baker watch with the money I received for my birthday in February, so I wanted everything to match that! I also wore a thin gold wire bangle on my right arm, which is pictured below. As my dress was quite simple, I kinda felt it'd be acceptable to make a statement elsewhere, so I bought a gold head chain with pretty little turquoise stones on it. I wasn't originally going to buy it, as I had seen another simpler head band in Zara with leaves and pearls on it, but in the end I opted for this head piece instead as I thought it was a bit different, and I'd always wanted to try and rock one. Might as well, yano?

| Watch - Marc Jacobs Gold Baker | Bangle - Promod |

Make-up wise, I just used all of the things pictured below. I'm in no way, shape or form a make-up expert, but I do enjoy doing it nonetheless! I went shopping a few days before graduation to buy a few things, and I picked up the Nudes palette by Maybelline. I was thinking of buying an Urban Decay Naked palette as I've used Laura's before (lol) and it's amaaazing but a little on the pricey side. They're worth it though. Although this Maybelline one is no match for any Urban Decay palette, I do quite like it. Some of the lighter colours aren't all that pigmented, but overall they're pretty good. It's also fab for beginners as it is structured into quads, triplets and duos, and it tells you on the back where to apply each shade! I thought that was a pretty cool concept. I also used my Mac lipstick in "Honeylove". On my nails I used a peachy nude colour by Kiko which I thought was really pretty.

The shoes I wore were suede nude stilettos from Mango. As you may know from my previous blog post, I'm still a little suede obsessed, so when I saw these I instantly fell in love! I'm not really used to wearing shoes this high but I found them surprisingly comfortable for most of the night. When we were all stood outside they kept sinking into the ground though, lol! 

| Shoes - Mango |

I applaud you if you got to the end of this post, I'm sorry it is so long! I had to make up for all the lost time though. I'm sooo excited to get back into blogging now that I have zero responsibilities and a whole summer ahead of me! I hope you found this post interesting, let me know if you've recently graduated or had your prom or whatever! I'd also like to say thank you to everyone who has followed me, I now have more than 300 followers which is craaazy and really exciting! 

lots of love,
anna x

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