Friday, 4 September 2015

greece pls

Greece, can you please share some of your beauty?

This summer I enjoyed a fortnight of golden sunsets, glistening seas, salty hair, and gorgeous views in Greece. I can honestly say it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. 

Although a lot of time was spent chilling at the hotel's beach, we also hired a car to visit a few other places on Crete. I definitely think it's important to try and see what lies beyond the walls of your hotel, even if it is gorgeous in itself!

Our first outing was travelling from Agios Nikolaos to an old leper colony, Spinalonga island. I loved this trip. The views from the boat were so breathtaking. I couldn't get enough of seeing the iconic horizon island silhouettes throughout the holiday, but they were extra beautiful on this boat trip. 

We were about twenty minutes away from the capital city, Heraklion, which has some lovely restaurants and a very interesting archaeological museum - I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good ol' spot of history. 

Reaching Dikteon cave (the birthplace of Zeus) on donkeys was hilarious. Not gonna lie, I did fear for my life slightly, but we'll look past that. 

Finally, we ended our ventures in the wonderful town of Matala, the home of prehistoric caves inhabited by hippies in the sixties and seventies. I definitely want to revisit this place with friends. It'd be an amazing place to cliff-jump into the ocean, plus you can buy really cute jewellery from stalls run by hippies. What more could you possibly want? 

Visiting Crete has made me really keen to see more of Greece's islands. Next interrailing adventure maybe? Watch this space. 

Have you ever visited mainland Greece or any of its islands? 

love, anna x
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