Monday, 7 September 2015

september sound summary | a playlist

It's been a while since I posted anything music-related to my blog, which sucks. Truth is, I've been making monthly Spotify playlists since February, but I haven't actually blogged about music since March. Say what?! So, this post is a summary of tunes I've been loving recently.

First things first,  can I just mention how much I love Spotify. It is, unashamedly, my holy grail. (Sorry, Taylor.) After using it for the best part of five years, I honestly don't think I could live without it. I'd recommend investing in a Premium account if you listen to music on the go, mainly because you can create offline playlists and the app is so much better than the unpaid one. I'm starting to sound like I'm being paid to write all this but I promise you my love for Spotify is genuine and unsponsored. Ha :)

Ok, back to the focus of this post, which is the playlist I've embedded below. I'd love for you to give it a listen! It's quite an eclectic mix: a few old (but gold) tunes, as well as some jamming recent releases - I do feel we've been spoiled with good music over the past few months. 
the playlist
(finally omg)

playlist lowdown
(because i know it's long i just love all these songs ok)

soundtrack to my summer: My summer may have been and gone, but these songs will always bring back memories of my last few months living in France and travelling around Europe. Many an afternoon spent by the pool; (hill) dancing with my best friends; being driven around Zagreb by a crazy Algerian man named Billy, music blaring, worried for our lives slightly, but simultaneously not having a single care in the world.

Lean On (feat MØ & DJ Snake) // Major Lazer
Peaches N Cream // Snoop Dogg, Charlie Wilson 
Everywhere // Fleetwood Mac
Someone New // Hozier

august / september listenin': During this time, I've moved back to England and been on holiday in Greece. I've loved (and am still loving) these albums (which you should definitely listen to as they are so good):

Beauty Behind The Madness // The Weeknd
I've recently fallen for Abel. Love him. Can't Feel My Face (obvs) and Prisoner (feat Lana Del Rey) are top notch.

What Went Down // Foals
I'd recommend What Went Down and Mountain at My Gates.

English Graffiti // The Vaccines
20/20Handsome and English Graffiti are my faves.

Caracal // Disclosure
I know it hasn't been fully released but the songs so far are amazing e.g. Omen and Willing & Able, plus I can't wait for Magnets (I'm needing some new music from Lorde asap).

ANNA // The Courteeners
Not only is this album amazing in title, it also has some great songs e.g. Are You In Love With A Notion and Money. I've never really listened to this band before, but I'm beginning to really like em.

Young Chasers // Circa Waves
I absolutely adore this album. It's pretty faultless when it comes to songs, I'd especially recommend T Shirt Weather and Lost It though. 

Currents // Tame Impala

The Less I Know The Better and Let It Happen are worth listening to.

This post turned out to be pretty long (oops). I've just been loving all the music lately. All in all, I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I do.

love, anna x
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