Saturday, 18 June 2016

one year down

I've probably said this one too many times already, but I'll say it once again here: I can't believe I've finished my first year at uni. It has definitely been the quickest year of my life so far. I've learned a whole lot - about my course, despite the few unfinished books and occasional dependence on sparknotes - but also about myself and people in general. I've gained a handful of genuine friendships, a love for a new city, and a relationship with someone who makes me really really happy. (soz for the cliché if you're reading this lex lol)

This post has ended up pretty much twinning my last one, but I wanted to include a lil photo summary of second/third term:

impromptu photo taking in the uni gardens

late night library sessions

visiting exeter for the bean's bday

trip to liverpool

short hair

betty's date

york shambles

northern youth uni fashion show

turner gallery, margate

milkshakes in margate

indie unearthed, ury, 9pm on mondays

anna and lex take london lol

whitstable beach

throwback thursdays at fibbers

bill's date


heslington houses


hello it's me

cute lil york cafés


summer ball

love, anna x